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My Language Arts Research Paper is a good example of a Writing piece. The topic is about Anti-Heroes v.s. Heroes. It goes through archetypes of anti-heroes and heroes then compares and contrasts the archetypes together. This Research Paper was published by Like all research papers, we have to develop an academic question that we later research and answer using multiple-cited primary sources. My overall grade for the Research Paper was an outstanding 94.5% (A)



Esreal Delgado

Mrs. Stollar Slover

Language Arts 1-2 Honors

5 April 2012

Anti-Heroes vs. Heroes

For as long ago as Shakespeare, anti-heroes have been a valuable key character in literature and more specifically tragedies. The “vigilante” image of anti-heroes is commonly seen in movies, plays, and literature (Tiffany). The classical hero, one who is pure at heart, is a character largely recognized in any story. Even in history, the foundation of humanity began with heroes and anti-heroes. Anti-hero archetypes, such as Macbeth and Ferris Bueller, all share similar and different aspects with the heroes like Harry Potter.

Every interesting and complex literature story has a character that is stuck between conflicts and struggles. The anti-hero is a key character that has a corrupt past and normally seeks “revenge for his own satisfaction” (Tiffany). The anti-hero is clearly suffering from his corrupt past which causes his personality and reasons to grow rude and bitter. This leads him to blame others and seek closure by taking revenge on the person who ruined him. Anti-heroes do not consider what the right thing to do is; they just do what is right for them. In this sense, the anti-hero is not concerned with other people as he selfishly pursues his wants. Justice means nothing to an anti-hero. Anti-heroes are seen everywhere but, only a certain type of person can be an anti-hero.

Anti-hero characters are found in commonly in tragedy plays and Hollywood movies. In Macbeth, Macbeth is troubled by his past actions and, as Michael says, “Macbeth’s guilt begins to manifest itself immediately” (Cummings). To clarify, Macbeth cannot handle the guilt of what he did and this becomes an issue to his peers and loyalists. Although Macbeth does not pursue revenge on the witches who caused this, he does want redemption. Another anti-hero is Ferris Bueller because he humiliates his ageist enemies in a way that he sees fit. As you can see, Bueller does not like bullies who pick on people because of age. His ideas are just, but the way he handles them is unprecedented but, the younger audiences can especially forgive Ferris (Medic 7). Anti-heroes can be found in many stories as the corrupt character.

Heroes are known for their great accomplishments and heroism. A hero is someone who stands for “strength, bravery, endurance, and humbleness” (Jadhav). These characteristics can only be achieved by a true hero at heart. These qualities are what people admire more in a person and it is why the hero is always more popular than the anti-hero or villain. Mary Tyler More said, “You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.” In most cases, the hero came from a bad background and so he/she understands the true value of peace and justice. This person does something different than the anti-hero; the hero forgives and grows his past.

Heroic archetypes are seen throughout history and in stories passed down by generations. One famously known hero is Harry Potter. Harry Potter is described as by Joe Bunting “a representation of all the best qualities in our society” (Bunting). He says this because he wants us to know that Harry Potter is a true hero that possesses awesome powers. Harry Potter could not get any more heroic making it hard to show growth during the movie which is a common difficulty for writers and story tellers. Even though Spiderman is gifted with powers, Spidey is still all too human (Spiderman Biography 4). This suggests that heroes can be the strongest and most loved people but in reality they make mistakes, forgets rent, misses appointments, and get the flu. This also shows that Spiderman, like many fictional characters, have special power which is a trait found in supernatural heroes. Heroes are more unique in their own way.

Anti-heroes and classic heroes have proved to have many similarities and differences in who they are but, have we closely enough examined the two protagonists? What make anti-9heroes so different from heroes are their reasons. This is so because heroes like Spiderman and Harry Potter fight for a just cause. Anti-heroes don’t fight for the safety or need of others; they only look after themselves and their wants because of the corrupt past they came from. Heroes and anti-heroes both fight and sometimes team up against the villain. This similar trait suggests that even though the anti-hero is isn’t the hero, he/she still battles the villain to discontinue their evil doings. Heroes are more welcoming to team up with anti-heroes when facing a villain, especially the superhuman heroes. Throughout human history, we have seen countless heroes rise to the occasions and anti-heroes achieve self-accomplishment because they are who they are.

In conclusion, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Although the hero and the anti-hero are clearly different; they are both still heroes at heart.